Traditionally science gives knowledge to clinicians, who in turn pass on this
knowledge to medical patients.

However, in a modern health care setting patients need assistance in the acquisition
of knowledge and to be given the opportunity to discuss the knowledge they have
gathered relevant to their treatment with their own doctors.

Clinical Trial Search is a system driven by medical consumers’ desire for actionable
personal medical data they can discuss with their doctors within the constraints of the time a
physician has to spend with any one patient.

Since patients are far more likely to participate in a clinical trial when information is provided in a
healthcare setting the Clinical Trial guided search process produces a personalized clinical trial
eligibility report that can be reviewed during an office visit.

Personalized clinical trial patient qualifying data allows non-investigator physicians to refer
their refractory-to-standard medical treatment patients to clinical trials on a broad basis, thus
introducing the most profound change into the clinical trial system since its inception many
decades ago.

As is often the case with a change of this scope, change is being driven by pressures from
within, i.e., pressures on the pharmaceutical industry to conduct its work with greater speed and
efficiency and insurance company payors desire to minimize their exposure to the treatment
expense of some of their costliest lives under care.

Since the birth and widespread adoption of Internet search change is being driven from the
outside as healthcare information seekers’ medical treatment information gathering behavior has
under an even more radical evolution.

Clinical Trial Select clinical trial screening application deployed over the web, allows a given
patient to produce a clinical trial eligibility report based upon information they can answer about
their own condition, which in turn allows their doctor to provide advice and consent within the
timeframe available in a modern practice.

For their part clinical trial investigators can subscribe to receive a continuously updated record
of prescreened anonymized candidates for their clinical trials. The investigator can then forward
clinical trial interview requests to an anonymous email address in order to reach clinical trial
candidates and their doctors who wish to receive such notices. This will allow trial candidates to
confer with their own doctors before deciding to reveal their identities and accept a clinical trial
investigators interview request.

Etienne Taylor
Clinical Data Labs, Inc.

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